Grace Nettleton Home

GraceNettletonHomeIn 1900, the Grace Nettleton Home for Girls opened in what is now Harrogate, Tennessee. Orphaned and disadvantaged girls from the mountains received instruction at the nearby Ellen Myers School and, in some cases, went on to study at Lincoln Memorial University. By 1944, over 1000 girls had lived in the home that described itself as contributing to “The Womanhood of America.” Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the records of the home after it closed in the 1950s. As a result, the best knowledge that we have of the daily operations of the home are passed down to us by oral histories. If you or someone you know are willing to share your memories of the Grace Nettleton Home, please consider filling out the form below. The stories that I collect will be used to complete a comprehensive history of the home for publication.


One thought on “Grace Nettleton Home

  1. You may e-mail me at this e-mail address. My sister knows more than I do. Thanks, Johonnie(known as johnnie)

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